Lady Orders Food For Shoe Polisher In Mumbai : Twitteratis Alerts Her That It’s A Scam


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The Kalyug period is going on and if someone tries to help you, you get thoughts like what do they need from us or why are they being so humble to us what do they want, right? But still in today’s date where people are selfish, people like this woman exist who is ready to go up to any extent to help those people who are in need of something and they do not consider themselves a part of society which is now a not-so-privileged one.

India is now digital India, and to ask for help all you need to do is take the help of social media platform and you will get unlimited mouths giving you suggestions or opinions. But have you ever imagined that if you try to help out someone, you are actually pushing yourself into the mud of trouble? No? Then you must read this story.

There was a woman who was living her normal day and she came in contact with a person in Mumbai who was working as a shoe polisher. Now that woman wrote on her social media account and told the audience about the shoe polisher’s life, what obstacles he faces in his life and how she can accommodate him to make his life more accessible.

She wrote the entire story on twitter which says, “I met this boy outside the McDonalds at Linking Road and I was transferring by when he obstructed me and asked if he is allowed to clean my shoes. At prime, I rejected then he told me that he got no customers today and he was damn hungry so I asked him what do you want to eat to which he pointed towards the Frankie shop, and then we ordered a Frankie roll”.

When twitteratis saw this tweet, they approached the woman and alerted her that this is a scam!! They told her that the name of the boy is Babu and he scam people by asking them to get their shoe polished.

So, if you try to help out someone, make sure you are not making yourself fool!


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