Lady Touches Feet Of An Army Officer: Team On Mission To Rescue People From Floods In Maharashtra


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Every single army officer deserves tremendous honor and salutes for protecting the nation by sacrificing their lives. They themselves stay far from their houses for ages and never grieves. If you cannot have respect for army officers, then you should think about what sort of stone you are!

Monsoon season is going on and rains are pouring at many cities making them result in floods, and currently states like Gujarat, Kerala and now Maharashtra is going through it.

Sangli, a village in Maharashtra is the top location that is most affected by the disastrous floods and the rescuing teams such as NDRF, IAF, and the army is continuously monitoring the areas and rescuing people who are stuck in the flood. Till now the total number of people who had been rescued from floods is 2.85 lacs covering places like Sangli, Satara, Kolhapur, Solapur, Pune and more.

Also, 30 people have lost their lives and thousands have lost their business. People who live in lower areas have been shifted to a safe location but the rain has still not stopped.

A woman who was rescued by the army officers was going to a safe place on the NDRF’s boat when she touched the feet of an army officer thanking him to save her life by joining her palms. The army officer’s reaction was very calm and polite that proves that they are the true God who protects us.

Till now there are 12 teams of Navy who is doing the rescuing process and they will keep doing it till everything becomes normal.

We heartily thanks the Army, Navy, NDRF, IAF and all those people who are helping people to make sure that they reach to their family safely. We hope the sky will cool down soon and we will be able to inhale sunshine again.


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