Madness of Love: Lady Faked Her Death for 14 Years to Live with Her Lover


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Love is such a crazy feeling which can make a person do anything. This is one such incident happened 14 years ago, which is again making it to the news. Bhikhi Panchal is the lady who was suspected murdered 14 Years ago in Balva Village of Patan.

On 5th Feb, Yash (Bhikhi’s Son) started crying when he found his mother missing from the bed. His grandparents reported it to the police who discovered a dead body in a nearby farm within an hour. Although the face of the dead body was burnt, she was wearing a maroon saree similar to that of Bhikhi.

Since Bhikhi’s husband Prakash was in Mumbai, the police confronted her parents-in-law and sister-in-law and arrested them on the charge of murdering her.

What Happened Next?

However, a couple of days ago Prakash who now lives in Ahmedabad along with his son Yash in Ahmedabad received a call from Palanpur police to share the picture of Bhikhi on WhatsApp. As they were suspecting that Bhikhi is still alive and living in Mehsana with his lover as Bhavna Rathore.

The police also called Prakash along with his elder brother Prahlad, sister Kokila and cousins Dashrath and Dalpat to identify Bhikhi. When they went to the police station, Bhikhi herself identified Prakash and shouted,

“He is my Husband.”

But, now the main question is, if Bhikhi is alive, then who was that dead lady?

The case summary as shared by Ajit Rajan, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Palanpur, said,

Bhikhi and Vijubha (Her Lover) faked her death so that they could start a new life. They lured Sharda Rawal to Balva in a van owned by Vijubha’s accomplices and killed her. Bhikhi then put her own sari on her, and all four fled the village.

Sharda Rawal was the mentally unstable woman who was killed. Bhikhi offered her food to win her trust. Later on, Vijubha along with his associates Zenaji Parmar and Vakhat Parmar plotted this whole story.

Such incidents are mere proof that what a mad love can lead a person to. It is necessary to focus on such incidents as the innocent in-laws of Bhikhi suffered a lot and got blames for murdering Bhikhi.