Madras High Court Rejects the Idea of Linking Aadhaar to Social Media Accounts


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The Madras High Court has rejected the idea of mandating the linking of government-issued ID cards with social media accounts like Aadhaar. The high court has issued last week that making Aadhaar mandatory to link with social media accounts will violate the Supreme court’s original ruling. In the original ruling of Supreme court said that Aadhaar is only mandatory for government welfare schemes.

Madras High Court Rejects Plea to Linking Aadhaar to Social Media Accounts

The Madras high court was responding to two public interest litigations (PIL) which were filed last year. The PILs sought “linking of Aadhaar or any one of the Government authorized identity proof as mandatory for the purpose of authentication while obtaining any email or user account”.

The high court had earlier made similar verdicts. Earlier they made linking of government ID cards with social media accounts out of question. The court has now expanded the scope of the case to review WhatsApp’s case. In this case, WhatsApp’s ability to trace the originator of fake messages is in question. However, as per WhatsApp, it will not be possible to do so without breaking the encryption. Breaking the encryption will put the privacy of the users in danger as the government and other organizations will be able to read the texts you send or receive.

The next hearing of the public interest litigations or PIL will take place on September 19th. Facebook has asked to transfer this and all the related cases to the Supreme Court. Again, the hearing for the transfer plea will be taking place on September 13th.

So what do you think about the verdict of the Madras high court? Do you think that linking Aadhaar to your social media accounts and email IDs could hamper your privacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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