Man Who Drank Only Beer For 46 Days Lost 44LBS


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A balcony, collection of soothing songs, your partner and a couple of bottles of chilled beer, so relaxing right? Drinking beer frequently is really beneficial for health if you take it in a limit and don’t intend to get high every day. It’s always amazing to have a chilled bottle of beer in hand and enjoy some me time and seems like now a bottle of beer can be a source to lose weight too.

So, there is this man who decided to quit eating and only drank beer for complete 46 days, and on his experiment of losing weight with beer, he lost 44LBS which is quite a good number! He started drinking beer on 6th March 2019 and from 46 days of it, his weight was dropped down. He got inspired for this diet from a diet plan that was developed in the 18th century by monks who used to live in German Bavaria.

What Diet Did Del followed?

Without missing even a single day, Del made sure that he never skips a single day of drinking beer and for straight 46 days he did not had any food not even dry fruits, only and only beer! This resulted in a drastic change in his body!

When asked Del, he said, “I’m feeling amazing! I was 292.5 and I dropped to 248.5 which means I lost 44 pounds in just 46 days. I was sure and committed to myself that I won’t cheat no matter how crave I feel and I was hard as rock on my decision, and today I am glad to see the results!”

Well, if you are also planning to follow this diet then before starting do consult your doctor because it might be possible that this diet might not suit you and result in health problems. Enjoy your liquors and have fun!


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