Man Whose Paragliding Video went Viral wants to do Skydiving Next


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Internet is truly crazy. You never know what might get viral and in a matter of you could be famous. The same thing happened with the man whose paragliding video went viral on social media. The guy named Vipin Sahu is now pretty much an internet sensation. He filmed himself paragliding in Manali. Quickly after flying he got scared and wanted to land as soon as possible. However, his funny comments and awkward moans made him famous over the internet.

Man went viral over the Internet for Paragliding Video

Flying Man Viral

Vipin’s words and reactions quickly got the attention of people. People loved it so much that the whole internet is now filled with his memes. Vipin is a resident of UP and has a fear of flying. After his video went viral Outlook India reached to him for his comments. He said that the video was shot during his 11 day trip of Manali with his friends.

he was terrified thinking about paragliding. However, due to the pressure of his friends, he finally attempted it. During the interview, he said that he is overwhelmed by the response he got after the video went viral. Vipin also added

Social media is such a powerful thing. A small man from a small town has got so much of love. I am glad I could make so many people laugh.

Although Vipin was terrified while paragliding but as it seems he might be getting over his fears. He shared that he would like to Skydiving next. We will be waiting for him to make a video once he goes for Skydiving.

Well, we don’t know if you have watched the video or not but we totally had fun seeing Vipin’s reactions while paragliding. If you haven’t watched the video yet go check it out. We will be attaching some of the memes made on the same topic with this article.

Man Whose Paragliding Video went Viral wants to do Skydiving Next
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Man Whose Paragliding Video went Viral wants to do Skydiving Next
The man whose video went viral on the social media for his awkward reactions and moans while paragliding wants to do skydiving next.
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