Mentally Challenged Woman Gangraped in Delhi : Protesters On Road


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On September 16, 2019, a 20-year-old mentally challenged woman was gang-raped and the culprits left her to die at a public park in Delhi. Few people found her in a semi-conscious state at the Indraprastha park near the sarai Kale khan bus station. The girl was taken to the hospital in Delhi.Where she is undergoing medical treatment.

According to the Times Now report the girl is in a critical situation. The local public informed to police about a girl lying in the scrubs in the Indraprastha Park.

According to the Times Now report, the police came to identify that the woman was staying at the Sarai Kale khan bus station for the last few days & had gone for a walk in the park, where the two unidentified men found her alone & they took her behind the remote place where the shameless wild act of rape has taken place. Later the culprits ran away from the place as they thought that the girl is dead.

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Reports said that the seven police teams have been formed to identify the criminals. Reportedly as the survivor is a mentally challenged girl so she was unable to provide a proper description of criminals to the police. 

Police found that there were bite marks on the body of the girl and all her clothes were torn along with several injuries which was showing the fact the girl may have been violently beaten by the culprits. Presently the matter is under investigation. 

In August month there was another case of rape. Where a semi-conscious body of a 20-year-old woman found at a South Delhi Park. Later the woman was taken to hospital by police. The woman told to police that, she had entered the vehicle from Mandir Marg area and the cab driver group her for 3 hours after raping her as per the report by Times of India.

All the boys should be taught from childhood itself that women are equal to men, they are no more inferior than them & they should get the same respect from society.



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