MMDRA selects Wadala Instead After Protests Of Save AAREY Forest


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To save our planet, it is important for people to understand that cutting trees are a major mistake that all of us are doing nowadays in order to build high-class buildings and roads. But what we do not realize is, cutting trees is harming our planet in many ways which will harm not only our planet but it will leave a bad impact on our lives too.

But there are a bunch of people who have realized it and have started working on it from now only. To make a metro shed, the government was planning to occupy a large amount of land but people were against it and did a massive opposition which resulted in a win. By looking at the powEr of the protest, The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMDRA) is now under pressure and have decided to put the plan on hold.

For making the metro shed, a proposal was sent in which the makers wanted to cut down moRE thAn 2700 trees but because of the protest, the government later decided to drop their another plan in which they needed additional land. However, the proposal passed for cutting down trees is still on.

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People who work as an activists or environmentalists are completely against this proposal and standing against this because the Aarey colony is a place where thousands of wild animals and tribals are living and people have no rights to kill them or steal their house from them.

According to the sources, when sources communicated with the CM, he clearly said that it is our responsibility to re-plant trees and we would re-plant up to 500 trees and also the government will plant more than 3000 trees. Also, the supreme court made it clear that the portion of which they want to cut trees is not a part of the forest.



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