Mohammad Amir Is Trying To Become A British Citizen, Is It All To Play In IPL?


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Mohammad Amir, the Pakistani pacer recently announced retirement from Test Cricket couple of days back at the age of just 27 years. His this decision has raised eyebrows of many fans across the globe. Because 27-28 years is the age when the career of a cricketer is at peak.

Pakistan Cricket Board’s tweet for his retirement:

If you’re the one who closely follows cricket, then you might be aware of the importance of Amir in Pakistan team. Not only his fans, but his retirement also is a big blow to Pakistan Cricket world.

And why wouldn’t this decision shock them, he was at the peak of his career at this time. Pakistan cricket team was dependent on him for the upcoming series.

What are the rumors?

It is notable that Mohammad Amir married a British Citizen Nargis Malik in the year of 2016. He has also applied for a British ‘Spouse Visa’ so that he can buy a house there for settling permanently.

Due to such circumstances & his retirement, there are rumours that he is possibly planning to switch his coins. Azhar Mahmood, who was also a Pakistani Player playing on British Passport, Amir is going to follow his footsteps.

Another possibility is that Amir is doing this to get an opportunity of playing in the Indian Premier League. Because of political tensions between India and Pakistan, he couldn’t play in IPL. However, if he gets British Citizenship we can see him playing in IPL.

All these are rumours, but with high probability. Only Amir is the right person who has answers to them. We will get the answers by the mean time.


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