Mohammad Amir Targets To Play In T20Is and ODIs: Says Good Bye To Test Matches!


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Reaching to your destination is quite a daunting tasks unless and until you work to achieve it by sacrificing your days and nights and seems like one cricketer is preparing for the same. Pakistan players are always good at cricket but some of them are currently playing test matches and having an awesome career in it. But in order to upgrade his career path, the cricketer Mohammad Amir who is famous for his left-arm pace has decided to bid goodbye to the test matches because now he is targeting to see himself in the T20Is and ODIs matches.

At the age of 27, this Pakistani player has taken a risk to leave the test career but he will continue playing for the limited over section till he gets fully-confident and prepares himself completely to start the new journey towards what he wants from life.

In an interview, Mohammad Amir told, ” It was an honor for me to represent my country in the best sports in the world and I think I have done my best because I got the support from my teammates but now I have decided to move forward to concentrate on my balling, to be the best at it and become eligible to play in the ODIs and T20Is”.

When Mohammad Amir was 17 years old, he got the fame by taking 119 wickets and playing 36 matches but later his life took a turn when he found guilty in spot-fixing in the year 2010 and got suspended for complete 5 years. After coming back, he is performing his best and maintaining his positive image in the team.

We wish him all the best for his upcoming journey and we pray that he will get the best of what he deserves. As we say “practice makes the man perfect”, we hope his practice will allow him to reach the peaks!


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