Mumbai Dabbawalas Are Ready To Cook Food For You Along With Delivery

Without Dabbawalas, Mumbai is incomplete. There are many documentaries that have been made on Mumbai Dabbawalas, and you can even see them in a few Bollywood movies like Lunch Box featuring Lt. Imran Khan and Nimrat Kaur. It was mind-blowing moving indeed.

Delivering food from home to offices, and from one end of Mumbai to other, the Mumbai Dabbawalas have been badly affected by the corona pandemic, and they were almost struggling to get food every day, but a lot of people came in front to help them out.

However, now they are getting back on track, and now they have added one more feature into their business which is cooking lunch.

How the Pandemic Affected Mumbai Dabbadwalas?

There are more than 5,000 dabbawalas who were allotted different parts of Mumbai for delivering lunch boxes, and after the pandemic, only 400 to 500 were working.

This number has been reduced to 250 after the second wave of the pandemic, and now to survive, the dabbawalas are ready to cook lunch for people alone with delivery.

Get a 7-Day Menu of Home Style Cooked Food From Mumbai Dabbawalas:

The Mumbai Dabbawalas are 130 years old, and people love them to the moon and back. But because of the pandemic, they are struggling because of which has been affecting their business.

So, to get their business back on track they have decided to start cooking lunch in the cloud kitchen located at Saki Naka. You can get to see their menu options in the month of June, as they are starting from the middle of June.