Mumbai Local Train Service To Resume Soon: Decision To Be Taken This Week

After a long wait, Mumbai Train Services finally plans to resume again. In the last couple of months, the Mumbai train services were completely shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

Although the train services have started operating slowly, and in today’s time, both private and government employees are traveling by the local train, which was initially started by the government for the employees in essential services.

Mumbai Local Train Service To Resume Soon

However, the common people did not get the opportunity to start traveling via local trains. As a result, both the state government and railway administration are being criticized by the public and opposition parties.

Also, frequent correspondence and agitations are being stated with demands to resume the local train as soon as possible. Along with that, there are many travel associations in the city also have talked about their displeasure.

However, in the recent move, the state government made it clear in court that a decision on starting the same for everyone is expected next week, which is Mid January 2021. Hence, the Railway Passengers Federation has decided to stop the protest immediately. But they did mention it clear that if the services do not start for everyone, they will raise their voice.

Also, according to the new decisions, women might be allowed to travel all the time. However, other passengers are only be allowed to travel by local in the non-peak hours. This decision is expected to help in preventing the coronavirus spread in the city.