Mumbai: Man sells his SUV to distribute Oxygen Cylinders to Needy Patients


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There are two best things about the worst time. It shows us who really care and the one who doesn’t. Entire world might be down by pandemic right now, but there are many good things we witnessed during this time. Whether it is people coming out to donate food items. Or the courage our corona warriors are showcasing!

During this era of Pandemic, we did notice many things that make us feel proud as an Indian. This is a story of a 31-year-old young man, Shahnawaz Shaikh who did something extraordinary for saving the people from COVID19. 9 years ago i.e. in 2011, Shahnawaz bought a Ford Endeavour.

While watching people die in the lack of oxygen cylinders, he thought of selling his SUV. With the money obtained after selling his SUV, he used it for buying oxygen cylinders and give it to the needy patients.

What is the reason for Shahnawaz’s approach?

Everything has a story behind it. The same goes for this case. Shahnawaz’s business partner lost his daughter because of COVID19. They wandered around 5 hospitals to get her treated. But before treatment could happen, she lost her life. Doctors said, if she would’ve gotten oxygen supply on time, they might’ve saved her life.

Shocked with this incident, Shahnawaz thought of an idea. Through this idea, he started distributing oxygen cylinders to the needy people. There was a huge shortage of oxygen cylinders in the market. He arranged these cylinders and has helped almost 250 patients till now.

It is quite noteworthy that even before selling his SUV, Shaikh was using it as an ambulance for patients. Apart from that, he is also encouraging patients and their families to refer to doctors and following prescribed oxygen levels.

People like Shahnawaz Shaikh are the reasons why we’re standing strong as a nation! Kudos to him and his tiring efforts for the people.


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