Mumbai: Ola Self-Drive Cars Soon To Arrive


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OLA is a cab service provider into the transportation world that provides taxis and autos to people who wants to move from one place to another. Mumbai is another world having a population in crores and to reach from one place to another in Mumbai takes hours and if you have booked an OLA cab, its good for you because getting an OLA cab in a city like Mumbai is quite difficult.

But now OLA has come up with a new idea which is providing travelers self-drive cars. The service has been already started in a metro city Bengaluru and soon it is going to start in the dream city Mumbai.

What are other facilities:

With self-drive services, people will take this will also be given access to a helpline button which will be working 24/7. If a passenger will press the helpline button, he or she will receive a quick call that will be done by the OLA customer care department who will take all the safety responsibilities of customers. Also, there is a real-time tracking system through which the OLA service providers will keep a track of where the driver is taking the cab.

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The sources had a discussion regarding the same with one of scenario official working with OLA, he told to sources that, “In order to scale up in multiple cities OLA is planning to set around 20,000 cars by next year that is 2020” which is more than 50% of the industry that puts together entirely.

OLA is really an amazing service provider, they are always on time, they are affordable and they can be easily accessed in any corner of the city. Let us see to which cities OLA launches the self-drive car service. After this service, it will become easy for regular travelers to reach from one point to others at their convenient time.


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