Mumbai Rains stalls the Finance Capital of India – This is what Celebs have to say on it!


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In this year 2019, India is blessed to have such high rainfall. Right now, news of Mumbai Rains is viral all over social media and news channels.

Almost all the areas of the country, have got sufficient downpour that will benefit our crop yield. Since the last couple of years, we were missing these blessings from Mother Nature.

However, some areas got these blessings in abundance. Mumbai, being one of them is drenched into rains multiple times in a period of two months. Even right now, while I’m writing this, Mumbaikers are facing troubles due to heavy rain.

The rain has not spared anyone, be it a common man or a celebrity. Heavy downpour for over 6 Hours made the dream city to a standstill. Here we are sharing some incidents, where celebs were affected due to this heavy rain.

Water Entered in Big B’s Bungalow Prateeksha where he resides with his Family

Although his Bungalow is in Posh Juhu Area, the water didn’t show any mercy while logging in his house.

Well Known TV Star Bhumi Pednekar was on her way to Khopoli for a shoot, but later she ended up being in the traffic jam

She shared about rains in her Instagram story expressing herself, “Been on the road since 1.. en route Khopoli to shoot. Where there is a will…”

While Mumbai Rains, Arjun Rampal backfires a fan who thought to troll him!

He was on his way for his shoot, where he shared a video on Instagram saying, “Only Indian Cars survive in this weather. Be safe. Drive Indian.”

A user, however, trolled him with the comment, “What rubbish bro so you also stop using Range Rover and buy a Maruti alto @rampal72.” To which, Arjun Rampal, responded, “@user34906 took the video from my Alto”

There is a long list of celebs who were stuck in traffic due to these heavy rains. Everyone, whether rich or poor is helpless before nature.

These are the time when we notice humanity and inhumane nature altogether. Be a nice human and help each other.



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