Mumbai To Enjoy Heavy Rains Till Weekend : Says Weatherman


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Heavy rain is hitting the roads of Mumbai and seems like it is not in the mood to stop. Mumbai monsoon is quite famous and people from different places visit Mumbai in the rainy season to experience the best monsoon of their life but it takes seconds for the nature to convert into disaster and at that time everything slips from our hands like sand.

The Weatherman has forecasted that rain will happen till the weekend so, Mumbaikers, get ready to feel the freeze of the water droplets and mark yourself safe from rains because if it is heavy rains, it can be dangerous. Do not go near the sea, drive safely and also tell your friends not to step out until its an emergency.

In the last 12 hours, areas like Santacruz and Colaba has witnessed 41.6mm and 61.2mm rains observations and it will go till the weekend. “There is a low pressure constructed in the Bay of Bengal which is moving in the westward direction at this moment and we are expecting heavy rains at the west coast including Mumbai city,” told KS Hosalikar who is the deputy – director-general in the meteorology field.

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