Mumbaikers Inhales Cleanest Air : Shared Breath-Taking Pictures Of Blue Sky


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Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, city of dreams, city of beaches and whatnot. India has always been in news for being one of the most polluted countries but today, we have a piece of fresh news for you. The city of dreams is now the one where people are inhaling the purest air.

July 23 was the day when people witnessed a pure blue sky, the fresh wind which made Mumbaikars day a never forgettable one.

The pollution level is always high in various cities like Delhi, Mathura and more but when calculated the pollution for Mumbai city, it was recorded at the lowest level. The weather forecasting department in Mumbai, “The System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR) calculated the quality index which resulted in 28 which is quite a good number”.

Mumbaikars enjoyed the atmosphere at a huge level and many of them even shared the pictures on their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s always good to inhale fresh air and people should understand that what fresh air can do to them.

There are still uneducated people in India who doesn’t know where to through the garbage and they randomly throw it on the road or spit on the road. All these things badly affect the environment because of which various kinds of diseases takes place.

Being a responsible citizen of the nation, make sure you keep your surroundings clean and if you see anybody throwing plastic or burning plastic, alert them and educate them that how plastic can harm them and the environment as well.


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