Muthayya Vanitha, Ritu Karidhal: ISRO’s 1st All Women Team Who Took India to Moon


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India’s Moon Mission is already 95% successful. With the re-discovery of Vikram Lander again, our hopes are still high. The scientists are already working hard to recommunicate with it. However, during all of this, we must not forget the people who made it possible.

A large team of scientists is working for a long time for making Chandrayaan 2 Mission successful. However, you will be proud to know as an Indian, that India’s Moon mission is headed by two courageous women.

Muthayya Vanitha (Electronics System Engineer) & Ritu Karidhal (ISRO Scientist) is a duo who are playing a major role in taking India to the Moon. Let’s have a glimpse of their life:

Muthayya Vanitha (Project Director – ISRO Chandrayaan 2)

Having the honor of being the first-ever women Project Director at ISRO, Muthayya Vanitha is responsible for data operations of India’s remote sensing satellites. She is well-known for her creative problem-solving skills.

It was Mr. M Annadurai – Project Director, Chandrayaan, who persuaded Muthayya to take up the responsibility as a project director of Chandrayaan 2. Further, it is noteworthy that Muthayya has won Best Woman Scientist Award of the Astronautical Society of India in 2006.

Muthayya also played a major role in the success of India’s Mars Mission, Mangalyaan in November 2013.

Ritu Karidhal (Mission Director – ISRO Chandrayaan)

Ritu Karidhal is another jewel of a person, who is playing a key role in the success of Chandrayaan 2. Earlier, she was a deputy director for Mangalyaan. Also known as “Rocket Woman of India” Ritu is closely working with Muthayya since the launch of Chandrayaan 2.

She is the one who designed the onward autonomy system of Chandrayaan 2. It is the same system which facilitates the spacecraft the ability to navigate its trajectory and respond to the satellite with a relative degree of independence.

Ritu possesses a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from IISC, Bengaluru. She has also received the ISRO Team Award for Mars Orbiter Mission. Apart from that, she has also won ISRO Young Scientist Award from former President APJ Abdul Kalam in 2007.

Kudos to the Women Power!

Muthayya Vanitha, Ritu Karidhal: ISRO's 1st All Women Team Who Took India to Moon
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Muthayya Vanitha, Ritu Karidhal: ISRO's 1st All Women Team Who Took India to Moon
The women power Muthayya Vanitha, Ritu Karidhal has helped India reach the Moon.
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