Now Unlock WhatsApp Using Fingerprint Scanner: New Beta Update


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One of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp is already landing. Although the option to unlock and open the app with the fingerprint scanning was already available on iOS phones. Now it is available in Android Beta version.

The feature arrives in the version 2.19.221 and it promises the complete security via biometric function when entering the app. One can see enable this feature from settings. As you can see in the screenshots, to activate the fingerprint lock function, follow the path Privacy> Fingerprint lock and activate the icon next to the time.


Besides this, one can also activate or deactivate the icon so that the app notifications appear. Although we are still waiting for the update that allows access to multiple accounts and WhatsApp Web.

So, to enjoy this feature, one has to update the app to version 2.19.221, and this may arrive in the next few days. Anyway, you can access the app from Google Play or download the APK file safely from APKMirror.


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