OnePlus 7T: New Rumors Show Off A Triple Camera


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OnePlus 7T

If leaks went true, Oneplus T-variant will soon arrive this year. Apart from global leaks, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro will be launched in September. Now 3D renderings of the smartphone have arrived on the Internet giving us an early view of the high end.

Circular Rear Camera

OnePlus 7T has a different design than OnePlus 7, at least at the rear. OnePlus has decided to bet on triple rear cameras, which is one more sensor than OnePlus 7. Camera configuration is unknown, but the extra sensor is probably an ultra-angle sensor.

OnePlus 7T

However, the extra camera is not only a difference. The cameras are located in a circular housing and arranged horizontally. It also highlights a dual-LED flash below the camera. And below the camera, the familiar OnePlus logo is suited. OnePlus 7T is covered in glass and curved on the sides like OnePlus 7.

However, the front part has not changed and it keeps a flat screen with a cutout. Thus it remains 6.4 inches and the resolution can remain FHD +. This device has only one grille at the bottom instead of two, like the OnePlus 7.

Now, the SIM tray is placed at bottom of the Type C USB port, while the right side houses the power button, and volume controls. OnePlus 7T must integrate a Snapdragon 855+ processor. It should also come with improved cameras and maybe even Android 10.


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