OTP Verfication Required Before Starting Ride With Uber : Indeed An Amazing Feature


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Uber has originated with a new innovation. The feature is a little bit similar to Ola Cabs. One will require to complete the OTP procedure before starting the ride. The new feature of Uber is that the one will require to share the four-digit OTP number before starting the ride, Uber is testing this new feature.

Uber is not sending the OTP code in text SMS instead of that it is sending the code within the application. Right now the feature is not available to all the users and looks to be a part of some beta testing. 

After researching, one of the Uber drivers told us that the trip code is appearing randomly for a few passengers. After discovering more we came to know more about the new feature of Uber application. This will reduce one of biggest issue, sometimes the Uber drivers start the ride without the passenger boarding.

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After the implementation of a new feature the drivers won’t be able to start the ride without the passengers, according to the updated feature, the rider will get 4 digit code based verification before starting the ride.  

It has been observed that few crimes have taken place due to lack of information regarding the rider to their family member. So the company has come up with some safety features in India.

The Uber rider can call directly 24/7 ‘Safety Helpline Number’. They also have few other features like an emergency button, real-time location tracking. With the help of Safety Toolkit, the rider can share their rides with up to 5 contacts. So the updated features were really necessary from the rider’s point of view. 

Even the Uber has come up with one more new feature that is Ride Check, it is really helpful for the riders as it is possible to detect the bang and other misdeeds by using GPS and sensors on driver’s mobile


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