Pakistan Declined India’s Initiative To Scrap Article 370


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Pakistan is not at all happy with what India is doing and strongly opposing the decision taken by the government of India in which the government have decided to scrap the Article 370 that was known for providing a unique status to Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan has decided not to keep quiet but try out all the available possibilities that also includes requesting to the UN to make a counter-move on the unilateral step which has been taken by India.

“Jammu & Kashmir is a place which is internationally recognized as the disputed territory”, said the Pakistan Foreign Office after getting to know about the announcement. The statement also said, “Any kind of unilateral step taken by the Indian government cannot change the disputed status as manifested in United Nations Security Council UNSC.

According to the sources, the foreign minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that he and his team will appeal to the United Nations as well as they will send the appeal to the Organisation of Islamic Corporation to raise the voice against the decision taken. He said we will have a deep decision with our legal experts and see what we can do.

Even yesterday (Sunday), Pakistan told India that they are already prepared with everything and they are all set to give response if they will find any action that is “aggressive or misadventure”.

Well, all we want is to live with peace and love with everyone. All we expect from the Modi 2.0 government is that everything will be sorted out between both the countries, everyone will share an unbreakable bond and everyone will get what is rightful to them.

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