Parents Of A 2-Month Old Baby Died In Shooting At El Paso’s Walmart


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Losing parents is one of the worst nightmares one have to go through and every individual have to pass from this phase, no one can save you! Same things have happened with a 2-month old baby! Yes, 2 month old, the baby even don’t actually know who his parents are and he lost them! At El Paso, there is a Walmart store where people for buying the regular household items and on the 3rd August morning, people visited there witnessed the door to death. In a shooting happened in the Walmart store, 22 people got killed and 24 people got injured in which a couple was there that sacrificed their lives to save their 2 months old baby from the shooters.

The name of the parents who died in this incident was Andre and Jordan when they died, there were some injuries on the child’s body but his life was saved. It is true that parents can definitely give their life to save their child from any trouble.

People when talked to Monique Terry who is the guardian of the baby said that, “When shooters were shooting, Andre was standing in front of the shooters to protect his wife Jordan and his kid but died and later Jordan also died but saved her baby.

She also added, “looking at the injuries of baby, it might be possible that when Jordan took the gun on her, she fell on her baby and covered him with her body so that shooters cannot kill him and that was the time when the baby got injuries and Jordan lost her life.”

All we can say is, salute to the father and mother, may their soul rest in peace and we will pray for your peaceful journey to heaven. We will also pray for the kid and his siblings. May the soul of parents of 3 kids rest in peace!



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