People Hit A Dog Who Was Trying To Find Shelter : Now Fighting For Life


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Where is humanity? Animals, humans all love their life right? And when it’s raining too heavily, even a dog, cat or any animal can find shelter to save themselves from getting wet or getting sick. Animals do fall sick! In India, many states are currently witnessing heavy rainfalls, and cities like Vadodara is even flooded.

A tragic incident has happened in the city of dreams, Mumbai where a little dog was only trying to find a shelter in an apartment building but people were so cruel to the dog that they beat him up so much that now the dog is in pain and fighting for life.

A resident of the Turf View Building whose name is Mr. Bhatia instructed the security guards to beat up the dog. We hope the animal rescue team will be able to reach where he is and resuce him and will take the dog to the near hospital so that the vetenary doctors can start the treatment as soon as possible.

Being an animal lover, I personally request people not to harm animals in this rainy season, they are also living a life. Give them shelter and help them out. Stay tuned with us!


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