Plastic Bags Banned In 18 States : Say No To Plastic Products


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Plastic is so dangerous that it is slowly destroying our beautiful planet because it is a non-biodegradable object that we use in a huge amount without even wondering how deeply it can harm our environment and our body. But the good thing is different states are standing against using plastic and in 18 states, plastics have been banned successfully and the remaining 5 states are already having prohibition at many historical and religious locations. This information was given to the National Green Tribunal by the Central Pollution Control Board.

The main problem does not end here, if the government will ban the usage of plastic then also, normal people should realize that using plastic can harm then and they should stop using it. Unless and until normal people will not take any strict action, it will be impossible for the government to take a step further as it is a vice versa process.

When sources interviewed the NGT Chairperson, Mr. AK Goel, he said that till now 18 states including Union Territories are in support of banning plastic products and bags and some states such as Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir have made it mandatory to ban plastic carry bags which is a good thing.

Use less plastic and if possible do not use it at all. It will harm you and harm our planet also.


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