Plastic Materials Are Destroying Our Wildlife Thanks To We Humans


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Plastic is the only reason that is refraining our planet from becoming pollution-free. Though there are many other reasons plastic is one of the major ones. We as humans think that using plastic bags or wearing polyester fiber or using plastic earphones are not harming us but it actually is.

Starting from cosmetics to teacups used in corporate offices, everything we get is inside a plastic which is making all of us unhealthy. When there was no use of plastic, the planet was green, and the rain was happening in proper amount but now since the time when trees had been cut down and pollution have increased, it has directly affected the whether and still, we are not opening our eyes.

Sea animals are really lovely but a picture is getting viral on social media in which you can see a plastic trapped in the neck of the seal which is quite disturbing. We cannot even imagine how many animals might have been died inside the water because of plastic.

Not only in the sea but animals living on the land are also getting trapped in plastic because of which they are losing their life. We, humans, understand the difference between healthy food and unhealthy food but what about animals? They just eat without knowing and to kill their cravings many times they eat plastic also which kills them.

It is a humble request from all of you, make less use of plastic, it is not only killing animals but it is dangerous for you also. Instead, you can carry a bag of Khadi or paper bags that will be a much better option.

Plastic use should be ban in all countries and people should come forward to cooperate with the government or take initiative which can help and heal the damaged planet.




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