PM Modi To Show Survival Tactics with Bear Grylls in ‘Man vs Wild’ On 12th August on Discovery at 9Pm


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‘Man vs Wild’ is one of the most favourite TV show around the globe which is hosted by Bear Grylls. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the special guest for adding excitement to the show. This news was confirmed by the Bear Grylls himself in the social media handle of Twitter along with a teaser clip. Bear Grylls is mainly famous for performing survival techniques in different environments, now he is trying to show the survival techniques in the Indian wilderness. 

This episode is mainly dedicated for conservation of animal and environment. The drastic change in the environment is causing several depletions in natural resources, even different wild animals are in danger of getting extinct. In order to conserve them in the wilderness, we need to learn different survival techniques in order to keep natural resources. Bear Grylls now visiting Indian wilderness to provide environmental changes along with PM Modi. This episode of the show will be telecasted on Discovery Channel India on August 12 at 9 p.m. 

Learn more about the environment and wilderness of India, where you can easily get to know more about the wildlife in India. Most of the animals are endangered and need to save, which can only be done by the preservation of the forest. This show will be telecasted in more than 180 countries, and you will get to know about the unknown side of PM Modi and his thoughts and ideas about wilderness and wildlife preservation. 

Even there is a controversy about this episode being shot at the time of Pulwama attack. Where the dozens of security personals were martyred by a suicide attack in a bus. In the 45 seconds teaser, the voiceover introduces him as the head of largest democracy in the world, and PM Modi welcoming Bear Grylls in India.