PM Narendra Modi is excited about Chandrayaan 2 Landing and even you should be!


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The entire nation is awake today to witness history. At 1:40, when Chandrayaan 2 Landing will happen, it will be one of the best moments after Indian Independence. While everyone is praying for the safe landing of Chandrayaan 2, it is noteworthy that our PM Narendra Modi is already excited about this.

In a series of tweets, PM Modi states,

“The moment 130 crore Indians were enthusiastically waiting for is here!

In a few hours from now, the final descent of Chandrayaan – 2 will take place on the Lunar South Pole.

India, and the rest of the world will yet again see the exemplary prowess of our space scientists.”

PM Narendra Modi is at ISRO Space Centre in Bengaluru

To witness this historic moment, PM Modi is at ISRO Centre. Alongside him, there are people who were selected through a quiz.

The whole nation is celebrating this historic moment. In fact, many of us are praying for the safe Chandrayaan 2 Landing on the moon. It is also a historic moment for all of us because no other Space research organization has reached the south pole of Moon.

Moon, being the only satellite of Earth is always a center of curiosity. However, many of its parts are still unexplored. With Chandrayaan 2 Landing, ISRO will be setting foot for more discoveries on the Lunar Planet.

We must appreciate the efforts of everyone related to this project. Kudos to the hardworking scientists of Indian Space Research Organization who gave their complete efforts in the project.



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