Police Return A Purse Having 2 Lakh Rupees Inside To The Woman Who Left It In Rickshaw


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A woman forgot her bag in an autorickshaw in which a big amount of rupees 2 lakh was there. When Vakola Police found the purse in the suburban area of Santacruz, they started finding the driver and traced him. All this became possible because of the CCTV footage that was there and successfully returned the purse to the lady with a full amount just in 24 hours after she left her purse in the rickshaw.

When sources communicated with the police, they stated, “The name of the woman is Laxmi Govda who is 60 years old had visited Bengaluru last week. She traveled with her son and after she returned to Mumbai by a bus, both the son and mother took an autorickshaw. They were returning to their home which is located in Prabhat Colony, Santacruz. When they reached home, her son took off all the luggage but unfortunately, they forgot the purse having the amount.”

Image Source: ndtv.com

When the lady found out that her purse is missing, she directly knocked the doors of Vakola police station and registered a complaint about the same.

Senior inspector Kailash Awhad said to sources that, “the moment we received the complaint, our team started investigating the scene by watching multiple CCTV footage which is installed in different areas and we scanned every autorickshaw.”

He added further that, “after looking at multiple CCTVs we got the information of drive from the RTO and we came to know that his name was “Gajdhar Bandh”. We quickly held the driver, brought him to the police station and recovered the 2 lakh rupees.”.

After giving the amount back to the lady, the driver was released.

When you travel, please take care of all your belongings otherwise you might lose many important things. We will be back with more breaking news, stay tuned!


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