PUBG Mobile Lite is now Available in India


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After PUBG Lite for PC, the PUBG corporation has now launched the PUBG Mobile Lite in India. PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games in India. The game requires at least mid-range specs to run the game smoothly in a smartphone. However, not everyone can afford a smartphone with good specs. So, Tencent has launched a lighter version of PUBG Mobile called PUBG Mobile Lite.

The new game is less resource-hungry than the normal PUBG Mobile. Moreover, as per Tencent Games, the game is also optimized for low-end devices. With PUBG Lite now available in India, more people will be able to experience the battle royale game. With more games like Call of Duty: Mobile about to launch the PUBG Mobile Lite will ensure a higher market share for Tencent.

PUBG Mobile Lite: What’s Different

The game made its debut in the month of August, last year. It was initially only available in the Philippines. Since then the game has launched in a couple of more regions and now it is available in India as well. The game has a download size of around 400 MB. As per Tencent, the game is built to run in smartphones with less than 2 GB of RAM and it can work better in areas where internet is not really strong.

As you may already guess the game is toned down version of the original PUBG Mobile. So, there are some key differences.  Not only just the graphics and textures are lowered but also only 60 players can join a match instead of 100 in the normal version. There are three modes available – Solo, Duo, and Squad, all in TPP (third-person perspective). In PUBG Mobile Lite there is no FPP mode. Also, within Arcade Mode, you only get the War matches.

Other than that, the map is smaller as well. For now, there is only one 2×2 map available named Erangel. Due to the smaller map and less number of players a classic match in PUBG Mobile Lite takes around 10 minutes only. A classic match in the PUBG Mobile takes around 30 mins or so. Other than the aim assist is even improved here to make the gameplay easier. Also, there is no bullet drop, faster bullet speed and supressed recoil to make the gameplay even easier.

We will be checking PUBG Mobile Lite soon and will update the article with more details. Till then keep following Don’t Get Serious.


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