Rambo: Last Blood A Long Awaited Movie Finally Set To Release!


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For How long would you wait for a movie series to end? 5 Years? or 10 Years? 15 Years can be maximum? But Oh wait, we’re talking about one of the longest awaited movies in the history of Hollywood. Rambo: Last Blood is the recent addition to the list, which is finally set to release in September 2019.

When did the journey of Rambo: Last Blood initiated?

Released in 1982, First Blood was the first movie in this series starring Sylvester Stallone. Following it, there was the second movie of the series Rambo: First Blood Part II in the year 1985. Rambo III was the third movie in 1988.

However, people waited for long 20 years till 2008 for the fourth movie Rambo. While probably Rambo: Last Blood the last movie is set to release now. Hence, a journey of 37 Long Year will finally be concluding here.

What is so amazing about the Rambo Franchise?

Here are some reasons, why you shouldn’t miss watching this movie:

The Movie is having Sylvester Stallone in it!

Who doesn’t love Sylvester Stallone? Many does, few don’t. But you can’t ignore the fame and legacy he carries. When First Blood was released, Sylvester was already a star by then. However, the Rambo Franchise is one which increased his fame! Hence, he is one of the major reason to watch this movie.

Probably the last movie of Rambo Franchise!

The director of the movie, Adrian Grunberg, has said that, ”

Last Blood “closes the circle”, hoping it would conclude the franchise.

Hence, the end for which many fans are waiting for the last 37 years will finally arrive!

The trailer of Rambo: Last Blood!

A couple of weeks back, the trailer of the movie was released.

While you will watch the trailer, all the action scenes and the persona of Sylvester Stallone will make you fall in love with the movie. Stallone is already 73 years old. But, the courage with which he did all the action scenes showcases his commendable efforts.

Story plot of the movie!

The story revolves around John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) who has to travel all the way to Mexico for saving his niece who suddenly has been taken hostage by a sadistic Mexican cartel. And from there, the adventure ride of the movie begins.

PVR Pictures will release Rambo: Last Blood in India on 20th September 2019. We are eagerly waiting for all the action and excitement this movie will bring to us!

Rambo: Last Blood A Long Awaited Movie Finally Set To Release!
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Rambo: Last Blood A Long Awaited Movie Finally Set To Release!
Rambo: Last Blood "closes the circle", hoping it would conclude the franchise.
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