Rohit Sharma Unfollows Virat Kohli And His Wife Anushka On Instagram


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When ordinary people play either game and fails, the sadness is fleeting, but when India plays cricket on the ground and succumbs the semi-finales, the entire country bubbles! And when the entire country gets upset, it is obvious that there are going to be internal clashes. Seems like something similar has happened in the team because Rohit Sharma has unfollowed the commander Virat Kohli on Instagram as well as he did the equivalent with Anushka Sharma. What could be the reason? Is it because the team lost the semi-final or anything else? Well, who knows!

Where Virat Kohli is still following Rohit Sharma on Instagram but not his wife, Rohit has unfollowed both! All we know is there are these falsehoods about a clash between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli.

No one can deny the reality that India played worst in the semi-finale now we don’t know was it done intentionally or they were beneath oppression because at last, we wanted the world cup.

Well, wins and loses keep happening in all kind of sports and we cannot blame anyone person from the entire team. We can just pray that everything will get solved in the team and we will be back on the ground with a bang!





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