Sikkim Is World’s First Organic State: Win’s UN Oscar


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People visit out of India to explore the world, but if you will look at the map of India, you will get to know that there are many places in India which is no less than heaven and have been underestimated. A state Sikkim, in India, is equal to heaven, because once you visit there you will never want to return. Becoming an example for the entire world, Sikkim is now wearing a badge of being a state which is 100% organic.

Defeating all the other nominated states from all across the globe, the state holds an award of Future Policy Gold given by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Apart from this, the state has also received the oscar for providing the best policies and pushing the agroecology field in a forward direction.

The policy was straight and simple. The mission and vision were crystal clear that the state should not have any sellers who sell chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Because of this ban, more than 60,000 families of farmers got the benefit because of which they were capable to do farming and earn easily.

Appreciating the efforts of the entire state, Maria Helena who is the deputy director of FAQ told the people how Sikkim can be given as the best example of how it becomes a completely organic state and how it stands against the chemical sector. Listening to this, our honorable Prime Minister proudly declared Sikkim as the first organic state in the year of 2016. And this tag is still on this state.

If we want we can also take a step forward and bid goodbye to the plastic bags and other materials that harm our planet. Just keep your surroundings clean and it will make the planet healthy. If the planet is healthy, you are healthy!


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