Reon Pocket: Checkout Sony’s new Wearable Air Conditioner


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Summers can be really painful if you live in India. Temperatures may reach more than 40 degrees Celcius in the peak summers. Rainy season can be a relief from the immense heat but the humidity can still become an annoying factor. Well, to keep you cool in these hot weather Sony has introduced a new mini air conditioner. The mini air conditioner named Reon Pocket is a wearable device which can be worn under a special shirt.

Reon Pocket by Sony

It blows cool air through the vents present in the rear of the device. The best part of it is, in size it is smaller than most smartphones of the current generation and it is lighter as well. Moreover, the device uses a rechargeable battery and it can work up to 90 minutes. However, it will take almost two hours to completely charge the Reon Pocket.

Not only does the device work as a mini air conditioner but it can also work as a heater in the winters. The device can cool a user’s body by up to 13-degree Celcius in the peak summers. In the winters, the Reon Pocket can warm the body of the user by 8 degrees. The smart device connects via Bluetooth with a smartphone and using Sony’s application you can manually adjust the temperatures.

The app which controls the device is available on both iOS as well as Android smartphones. The device weighs only 85 grams which is pretty light. Sony has also used a USB Type-C port for charging purpose. The Reon Pocket will be available in two variants – Reon Pocket Standard and Reon Pocket Lite.

Currently, it is not yet up for sale. The Reon Pocket will go through crowd-funding to reach its goal. Once it reaches its goal, Sony will start shipping it from March 2020. The smart accessory will be priced at 14,080 yen or Rs 8,947 and will come with one device and one undershirt. If you go for the five undershirts the price will be 19,030 yen or Rs 12,093.


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