Study Shows Almost 25% of the Millennials have no Friends at All!


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In the modern era of smartphones and social media, a shocking new study shows there are 25% of millennials without any friends. It is true that people tend to spend a lot more time on their smartphones rather with their friends or family. However, the extent of loneliness and mental health disorder that it creates is very disturbing. The new study done by YouGov shows us some interesting yet disturbing facts about the millennials.

In this study, people have been classified into four groups based on their year of birth. The first group shows us the insights of people who were born between 1994 and 1964 (Baby Boomers). The second group or Gen X are the people born between 1965 and 1979. In the third group, there are people of Gen Y who were born between 1980 and 1994. Finally, there are Gen Z or the people born after 1995 and after.

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Earlier last month YouGov did a survey with 1,254 people (of age 18 and above) residing in the USA. The survey clearly shows that the millennials tend to feel more lonely than Gen X or Baby Boomers. 30% of them admitted that they feel lonely very often. Whereas for Gen X the numbers are around 15% and for Baby Boomers, the numbers are around 20%.

However, the survey did not clear the reasons behind this. It still points out that very heavy usage of the internet and social media can be a possible cause. This is pretty similar to the other recent studies performed on the same topic and seems true as well.

When asked about why they find it difficult to get new friends 50% of them admitted that they are shy. Although 27% of them said they do not need any friends. Another 26% said they do not have any particular hobbies or interests based on which they can make new friends. The study has also revealed that 25% of millennials said they do not have any acquaintances. Another 22 percent said they have no friends and 27 percent with no close friends. While 30 percent said they do not have any best friends.

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What is more interesting is the fact that at least 42% of all people said that they have befriended someone in the last six months. Though when it comes to the millennials the numbers come down to 38%. The survey shows most of them became friends through work while others did so in their neighborhood and spiritual communities.

So are you feeling lonely like these people? If you ever feel so just drop me a dm and I will be happy enough to talk to you.


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