Telegram Group Admins can now Control How Frequently Members can Message


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Popular instant messaging app Telegram is doing its best to take on its competitors. The developers of Telegram has recently added animated stickers to the app. However, they are in no mood stop. In an update rolled out today the developers have added an option which allows the group admins to limit how frequently a member can send a message in the group.

If you are on Telegram version 5.10 or higher then you can try out the new feature yourself. For that, you will need to be admin of a group. From the group settings, you can now set a time duration for group members. The group members will not be able to send another text message until the timer runs out. Currently, there are six different timers available ranging from 10 seconds to 1 hour.

In the image shown below, you can see how the timer gets activated. By default, Telegram suggests group admins keep this timer known as ‘slow mode’ turned on permanently. They also recommend changing the timer settings as per requirements. This feature can control continuos spam messages, arguments and disputes in the group chat efficiently.

Telegram Update: Other Changes

Telegram has also added another feature to stop continuous notifications. The new ‘silent notifications’ feature will deliver messages without sounding the notification at the recipient’s end. People who prefer not to mute group chats for a long time or permanently will enjoy this feature. Also, this feature can be useful during night times as well.

The update adds a few other features as well. There will be new custom titles for admins, a timestamp for videos, thumbnail previews for videos, option to send images and videos without compression from media selection area and animated emojis.

With all these new features Telegram users will surely get a lot of control over their usage of the application. Let us know in the comments if you like the new update.


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