This is Why You Will Be Jealous of This 6-Year-Old Korean YouTuber?


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With the advent of technology, there are many ways people can earn money. Although everyone wants to be rich, only a few get the opportunity to earn it in plenty. Today, we will tell you about a 6-Year-Old Korean YouTuber whose earning will make you feel jealous.

Ahn Hye-Jin is a 6-year old Korean girl who has bought a 5 Storey apartment with her own money. She is familiar all across the world with the name of Boram. The 5 Story apartment is in the Gangnam district of Seoul. It’s worth is 9.5 billion won i.e. Rs.55.6 crores). While she is making plenty of money, she is not less than a celebrity in Korea.

How does she earn money from Youtube?

Wondering what could be the major source of her income? Boram owns 2 YouTube channels with over 30 Million subscribers in total. Boram Tube ToysReview and Boram Tube Vlog are the two YouTube channels which her family started operating just a year ago.

On these channels, Boram reviews the Toys. Her reviews are so much famous that in the year of 2018, Boram made it to Forbes List of World’s richest YouTubers. While we all slog our a$$ in the office whole day long just to meet our basic needs, Boram is making 3.7 billion won i.e. Rs. 21.55 Crore per month with her videos and toy reviews.

It is noteworthy that Boram is not the only kid making so much money. The large toy companies promote their toys through influencers like Boram who test and play with the toys and provide their reviews to the parents so that they can buy the same toys for their children.

We wish Boram all the best with her career. She is achieving so much at this age which many of us can only dream of!


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