This November a Cruise will take you from Mumbai to Maldives


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Who doesn’t dream of traveling on Cruise? Since the release of Titanic, many people are dreaming of being on a Cruise with their loved one. However, because of the nature of travel, it is tough to get on a cruise.

But, now this dream will come true for many. As the ship ‘Costa Victoria’ will initiate its journey towards the Maldives in November 2019. It is noteworthy, that since the last couple of years, people are inclined towards sailing in the sea on a cruise.

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Riding amid the ocean waves, with delicious food and cozy drinks is something that provides soothing relief. Here are some things you must know about the cruise:


This cruise ship ‘Costa Victoria’ can carry 2400 travelers at a single time. Hence, it will be possible for you to take your whole group with you on this fantastic journey!

What are they offering?

What can you dream of while on a cruise? Good Food – they are having multiple cuisines to offer, including vegetarian and Jain food for satisfying all kind of foodies. Drinks – there are various choices readily available. Apart from that, the cruise also possesses the best-in-class meeting venues, a huge theatre, lavish lounges, and amazing pool and bars.

Things to know about this Cruise Trip!

You can divide the trip into two parts. There are options to choose between, 7 days trip from Mumbai to the Maldives, 4 days trip from Mumbai to Cochin and 3 days trip from Cochin to the Maldives.

It might astonish you, but you don’t require any VISA to be on this cruise. This cruise trip will start from November 2019 and will continue till March 2020. Bookings for the same have already started.

So what are you waiting for now? Book the tickets and enjoy the journey, whose moments you will cherish forever.


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