To Fix Each Pothole Mumbai’s BMC Spent Rs 17,636 : Public Knows The Result


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The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation during the last six years has spent a total amount of Rs 113 crore approximately to fill the potholes on roads. This data was provided by BMC’s traffic department itself to Shakeel Shaikh who is an activist. The information stated that starting from 31st July past 6 years up to till date the total number of online complaints that have been registered is around 24,000+. This information has been released in an RTI query.

Going back to 2013, in that year BMC spent more than 45 crores to fix all potholes. In 2014, rupees 34 crores have been spent, in 2015 rupees 10 crores have been spent, in 2016 rupees 6 crores have been spent, in 2017 rupees 7 crores have been spent, in 2018 rupees 7.98 have been spent and in the year 2019, till date rupees 14.35 lacs have been spent to fix potholes.

The rainy season is indeed the favorite season of most of the people but also it is one of the most difficult seasons because various kind of diseases takes birth in this season and many people also lose their life.

We hope not only the Maharashtra state but other states also having potholes in major cities will take a step to fix them and fill them as soon as possible to prevent people from accidents.


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