Use Of Plastic Is Banned In Himachal Pradesh As Straws And Plastic Bottles Chokes The Valleys


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India has promised to self that it will become a plastic pollution country by the year 2022 but still, there are millions of people who are unaware about the fact that using plastic is harming them in thousands way.  Plastic is really dangerous for not only human beings but for animals also and people should understand that usage of plastics should be cut down to zero.

However, some states like Himachal Pradesh decided not to use these poisonous elements and hence in the year 2009, Himachal Pradesh successfully became the first state that banned polythene materials such as plastic bags, straws, and many more things. Also, last year in 2018, the state passed a notification in which it was mentioned that they are now planning to ban thermocol cutlery that includes glasses of plastics, cups, and spoons. None of them will be ever used in the state.

No doubt, everyone dream to have a cup of cold coffee with their loved ones in the valleys, but now the state is rejecting offers that include plastics. In restaurants, cafes and hotels, there are no use of plastics and people are not allowed to carry plastic carry bags, instead, they can carry a paper bag in which they can take necessary items.

Some other reasons behind pollution not in Himachal Pradesh but in other states is the improper management of tourists and millions of trucks and cars running on the road that creates air pollution, another type of pollution is noise pollution which definitely irritates people who are reserved and love to be at a place where there is no noise.

Other states should also ban the usage of plastics, and this will only result in taking our planet towards a more healthier one and human beings and animals will inhale fresh air instead of polluted ones. Stay tuned with us!


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