Uttarakhand Bans Pan Masala And Gutkha: With Some Gaps


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It seems that the Government is too much concerned about the health of people. Earlier, the central government banned e-cigarettes. And now, the Government of Uttarakhand Bans Pan Masala And Gutkha.

This ban has come into effect following the concern of government regarding the health of people. For a long time, there is an increase in the number of people suffering from Lung Diseases.

In order to protect the people from becoming the victim of tobacco and similar products, the government is imposing a year-long ban of Gutkha and Pan Masala. It is noteworthy that the consumption of various tobacco items causes lung diseases, cancer and badly affects our health.

With this ban, now there wouldn’t be any manufacturing, distribution, storage and selling of tobacco items all across the state. The Food And Safety Commissioner, Nitesh Kumar Jha made an announcement regarding the same in last week.

For a long time the Food And Safety Commission is trying to impose a ban on tobacco products. However, they find their way into the market through either way.

At present, the ban is imposed for a period of a year. They will think of increasing the ban for one more year based on their study.

But, the local residents of Uttarakhand are telling a different story. Even right now, tobacco products are openly available and sold in the market.

We hope that the authority looks into it and ensures that there is an effective ban on tobacco products in the market.



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