Vadodara: Car Rams Into A Truck, One Died Two Injured


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Please stay alert when you drive, especially when you are driving at expressway or highway don’t drive fast otherwise your life will be at risk. A dangerous accident has taken place in 3 people’s lives and this accident has killed one of the 3 persons whereas the other 2 are heavily injured.

Whenever you are traveling from one place to another with your friends or relatives and you have taken your own car or bike then remember that your own life and your relative’s life is in your hand and it is your responsibility to concentrate while driving.

The accident took place today when Kishan Khatik, Vijay Khatik, and Rajendra Khatik were in the car that clashed with the truck. The car was containing IMFL and the accident happened at the Halol-Vadodara highway. They were racing at speed and Kishan Khatik who was driving the car lost control and crashed into the container truck and Vijay Khatik lost his life within a few minutes after the accident whereas Vijay and Rajendra got injured badly.

Police rushed to the accident spot and while doing the investigation they got three bottles of whiskey whereas the rest bottles were damaged. Well, we pray that may Vijay Khatik’s soul rest in peace. He was a resident of Surat and visiting Vadodara with these two people in the car.

Please, please drive under the speed limit. Always remember while driving that there are people who are waiting for you at someplace. Don’t drive harshly. Take care and stay alert.


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