Vadodara Drowned In Heavy Rains : High Alert Announced & Trains Cancelled


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It’s pouring like cats and dogs in Vadodara! Till now there was no sign of thunderstorms and today it feels like the heaven is quite bitter and showering water like anything! In just 2 hours, 6-inch rain has been fulfilled and still is continuing! Many areas have been waterlogged and people are grounded in between roads and jam, there is no way now to reach home and even raincoat is of no use in this situation.

Vishwamitri river, the heart of Vadodara is now flowing at the level of 22 which grew in just 1 hour. Till 4 P.M it was floating at the level of 20 and now the level has reached to 22. The weather forecasting department has already announced high alerts for areas like Ajwa, Alkapuri, Gotri, Gorwa, Raopure and many more.

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Monsoon is indeed a winning season but this much amount of rainfall is threatening too. If possible do not go out of your house, step out only if there is an emergency. On the other side, kids seem to be happy as they are playing in the water and enjoy rains to the fullest.

Coming back to the news, areas like Alkapuri underbridge, Rajmahal Road, Dandiya Bazar area have been already flooded and it is next to impossible to drive in those areas. Apart from that, trains running between Vadodara – Anand, and Anand – Jambusar have been canceled.


People seemed to complain about the rain a several days back and today every complaint of every individual have been washed away. People are stressed and stuck especially those who do not have a raincoat and they are not at home.

Let’s see when this rain will stop and we just hope that the people reach their home safely because getting transportation at this moment is quite difficult. Stay tuned with us and enjoy the monsoon, be safe!


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