Vadodara Drowning : Heavy Rain Expected For Next 36 Hours, High Alert Announced


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Rain, now the time has come to be kind! You are loved by millions but drowning a city is not a good idea! Well, this statement is useless but here we are with you to inform you that please please don’t step outside your home because the high alert is announced again as the city might witness heavy rains for the next 36 hours!

The city is already facing millions of problem such as no food, milk, no electricity, water logging in house and much more and there is again this announcement that for the next 36 hours, the rain will fall.

Hence, it is highly recommended to people that do not go outside otherwise you will get stuck and there is an attack of crocodiles in various locations which is dangerous because you never know where a crocodile is. Apart from that, driving two-wheeler is a very bad idea because you won’t be able to identify potholes on roads and you can even fall down or your vehicle might stop.

Stay at your home, have some hot food, drink coffee and enjoy the monsoon and avoid going out. If you want to help people who are stuck you can do so by contacting the helpline numbers.


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