Vadodara Man Comes Up With Unique Idea : Pastes Driving Documents On Helmet


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Central Government has imposed a few hefty traffic fines, which is a very good step taken by the government. Every single day the road accidental death rate is increasing. According to the statistical report that across India in 2018, 4.61 lakh road accidents have been recorded.

So it was necessary to come up with few strict rules & regulations regarding traffic & the implementation is successful only with the heavy fines on breaking rules.

After the implementation of new traffic rules, Mr. Rampal Shah, an insurance agent in Vadodara, Gujarat Has come up with a new unique idea. He has been in limelight on the city as he has pasted all the driving-related necessary documents on his helmet. 

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Mr. Shah never drives without a helmet, Helmet is the first thing he always wears on before riding a bike, so he has pasted all the documents on it so he will not face any penalties as per new traffic regulations. To escape the hefty penalties, Mr. Shah has pasted his necessary driving related documents.

 It has been observed that nowadays riders are being slapped with hefty penalties by the traffic police for not having the necessary documents. The required documents are like driving license, vehicle registration certificate, pollution certificate, and vehicle insurance. 

Speaking to ANI, Mr. Shah said that, as the new traffic rules came in, so he thought that he should keep all the driving-related documents with him but he doesn’t have any space to keep on his bike. So he thought, why not to stick them on his helmet!

He says, that he has been approached by one traffic police after they saw the pasted documents on his helmet & Even the traffic police officer has appreciated him. It serves two purposes, He will never forget the documents at home and it will also encourage people to wear a helmet while driving.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had notified the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019 last month and it has been implemented in many states of India from 1st September 2019. New rules have imposed hefty penalties for driving errors. Successful implementation of new traffic rules can make our country a safer place to ride a vehicle. 


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