Vadodara On High Alert : Ajwa Dam Opens 62 Gates And Showering Continues


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Last night was terrible! It took years for people to reach home safely. At night, the rain stopped but since morning, it seems like the sky is not in the mood to stop! To add to this, the 62 gates of Ajwa Dam is now open and because of this Vadodara city is on high alert! Currently, there are many areas which are overflowing such as Vishwamitri bridge, Panchvati canal, Soma talav pond and almost all bridges near Vishwamitri are closed now!

The NDRF team is non stop rescuing the people stuck on roads, residents and other areas, the team has brought a set of boats on which they are carrying people are moving them to a safer place and they are also bringing all the essentials with them.

The sad news that is devasting and scaring people is, till now 6 people have died and now the air force, and the NDRF team is in action. Roads are now having potholes which are making it impossible for the people to move because it is not possible to identify where is the pothole and it is dangerous to drive in this situation.

Since the Ajwa gates are open, more water is covering the nearby areas of the cities and the police and other rescuing team are helping people to reach home. The weather forecast department has already announced that there will be more rain till the weekend, so please do not step out of your house.

If you are one of them who is stuck in between and reading this news from your phone, then it is highly requested that find a shelter for yourself and keep in touch with your family members so they will be aware of your locality. And if you are at home, enjoy the season with your family or loved ones. Happy Monsoon!


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