Virat Kohli Opens Up On Rift With Rohit Sharma, Says The News Is Ridiculous


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The Indian cricket team has broken the heart of all the cricket lovers because they made an exit from the world up after reaching till semi-finals. The performance was quite disappointing in the semi-finals but now what has to be done is done and when India lost the match, there were rumors like there is some clash between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli.

Also, there were saying that Rohit Sharma unfollowed Virat Kohli and his wife Anuskha Sharma on Instagram whereas Virat Kohli was still following Rohit Sharma from his social media account. All of this was because of the loss of a team in the world cup.

To clarify all these ridiculous rumors about the rift between the duo, Virat himself talked to media and said, “We are listening and believing in the lies, neglecting all the positive things, just going with the flow and believing in the fake scenarios that people are making up. It is quite disappointing to see that there are such allegations on us which are not even true.”

To add to this, Virat also said that it is impossible to accept that people are spreading and making up such pieces of news without even knowing what happened inside the dressing room. They should come and see how we communicate internally with each other, how I talk to Dhoni and other players, we cannot make a video and show them what happens inside.

Well, no one knows the exact truth. All we know is this world cup was disappointing but never mind India played well and as it is sports, wins, and losses are a part of the game and we have faith in our team that it will perform its best in the next world cup. Stay tuned with us to read about more interesting topics.


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