Water Crisis now in Jaipur: An alarming situation for all of us


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Since the last couple of weeks, we are noticing the news of water crisis in the major cities of India viz. Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Now, The pink city Jaipur is a recent addition to that list. As we all are aware, Monsoon is already a month late in most parts of our country.

This has led to the water crisis in some cities, where the population is in abundance. If the same situation continues, then we may notice people lining up in queues for fetching water also in other parts of the country. As per the Rajasthan Public Health Engineering Department, if there is no rain in further due course of time, Jaipur will face terrible water shortage.

It is noteworthy that the Bisalpur Dam, which is a major source of pure water for Jaipur is possessing only 5.93{ec5b2c964cd72b451414f2bf7fcf6a312af36aa62557c3497782174ae1ca1de0} water of its total capacity.

Considering the average rainfall in Jaipur, this year it is just 116 mm. While the average rainfall for the same period is 225 mm. While Jaipur is the major victim of shortage, the neighbor cities viz. Tonk, Dausa and Ajmer are also facing a water crisis.

Realizing the need of the hour, the Public Health Engineering Department is now importing water via train from Jodhpur. While the water supply from Bisalpur Dam to Jaipur is already reduced by 30{ec5b2c964cd72b451414f2bf7fcf6a312af36aa62557c3497782174ae1ca1de0}. If the situation worsens, they will reduce it further.

The only ray of hope for people of Jaipur is the news from Meteorological department. There is a possibility of heavy rains in Jaipur and nearby regions in between 27th July to 1st August.

It is a crucial time for us as many of our cities are falling short of water. As a responsible citizen, we must start using water sensibly otherwise we can be the next victim!


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