Water Crisis Will Grip Entire India, If Solution Isn’t Focused On Our Cities Says IIT Professor


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We are moving towards the Global Water Crisis. There is a shortage of water in many parts of the world. While we all are aware that everyone should utilize water sensibly. However, when it comes to using water sensibly, we all fell short.

If you are looking for ways to conserve water, then you must refer to the researchers of IIT Hyderabad. Professor Dornadula Chandrasekharam, as well as his research partner Dagani Koteswara Rao, recently published a Paper on Water Study in the journal Sustainable Cities and Society.

In this paper, their major area of study was understanding the water footprint of HMDA (Hyderabad Metro Development Authority). The brief part of the report constitutes understanding the water consumption patterns in the Metro cities.

As per their study, the average per capita Water Consumption in Hyderabad region is 2,852 liters per day.

It is noteworthy that this study covers water consumption into four major categories, viz.

  1. Consumption of Water in Food
  2. Direct Consumption
  3. Electricity Consumption
  4. Consumption of Fossil Fuels

What is the concept?

If you’re confused till now, let us make it simple for you. Typically, this study covers, both Physical (Direct) as well as Virtual (indirect) usage of water. The bottom line of this study is that metro cities like Hyderabad utilize the water of surrounding areas from where they trade goods.

Hence, a typical metro city like Hyderabad utilizes 20 times Virtual water in comparison with the rural areas!

Here are some of the statistics of their study:

  • 70{ec5b2c964cd72b451414f2bf7fcf6a312af36aa62557c3497782174ae1ca1de0} of virtual water usage of Hyderabad is from Agricultural yield.
  • 25{ec5b2c964cd72b451414f2bf7fcf6a312af36aa62557c3497782174ae1ca1de0} of water usage is for generating electricity.
  • 4{ec5b2c964cd72b451414f2bf7fcf6a312af36aa62557c3497782174ae1ca1de0} of water is used directly
  • 1{ec5b2c964cd72b451414f2bf7fcf6a312af36aa62557c3497782174ae1ca1de0} of water usage is for making fossil fuels

This study briefly replicates why it is necessary for people in the city to use water properly. Since many cities are facing water crisis, we must start conserving water. Not only for us, but also for future generations!


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