What A Mumbaikar Goes Through Every Monsoon, We Barodians Are Getting The Same Feeling


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Vadodara or you call it Baroda has seen heights of rain in past couple of days, Roads are filled with water and in some areas it has even enter the houses of people. This thing has scared everyone in the city but thanks to the Government that has helped everyone who was in trouble during this situation.

Every year we hear about heavy rains in Mumbai, This year for a change, it has happened in Vadodara. School & Colleges have been shut down. The city witnessed 20-Inches of rainfall in a single day. This let to floods all over the city. The river Vishwamitri which flows from the city was full of water and the surrounding areas had to be evacuated due to it’s water coming in houses of people living near by.

People of Vadodara has seen it all in these couple of days. Everyone who is safe is trying to help people that are in trouble by providing shelter, food and water services. Lots of youngsters have been seen helping the needy people. This really says a lot of how beautiful and helpful the people of Vadodara are.

The Indian Army & the team of NDRF has been on their tows since the start of Heavy rains. They are true heroes for everyone not only in Vadodara but for the entire country. We thank thank them from the bottom of our heart.

Today, 2nd August, At around 10 Pm, People of Vadodara were happy to see the clouds go away and the bright sun come out but that happiness lasted just few hours as it is again raining heavily. Already lots of people are stuck and more rain now means more mess.

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It is request to every Barodian, Not to go out of their home and stay where they are and help people who are in need of shelter, food and water.

VMC has couple of helpline numbers where you can call and as for help, If the numbers are busy kindly call after some time. VMC is trying to help everyone in any possible way.

Here are the Vadodara Emergency Helpline Numbers:

1800 233 0265 | 0265 2423101 | 0265 2426101

Do spread this numbers with all Barodians


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